Soplica – The multi-generation craftsmanship of tradition

Soplica for over 130 years Soplica has been a welcome guest on Polish tables, providing top-quality gustatory delights. Its unique character stems directly from nature, fruit ripening in the sunshine and the craftsmanship of great Polish experts.

Each bottle of Soplica is the effect of combining carefully selected, juicy fruit, top-quality spirit and experience nurtured over generations. The Soplica offer spans many variants, introducing Consumers to often-forgotten traditional Polish fruit flavours.

Naturally, from Soplica

  • Step 1.

    Meticulous quality assessment – we carefully select only the best quality fruit

  • Step 2.

    Maceration – the fruit is steeped in spirit and water. The maceration process is carried out in special conditions under the scrutiny of our experts

  • Step 3.

    Macerate maturation

  • Step 4.

    The macerates are topped up with high-quality spirit and the remaining secret ingredients which guarantee Soplica’s rich taste

  • Step 5.


  • Step 6.

    Filtration and quality control

  • Step 7.

    After a strictly observed time, the aromatic liquid is poured into our iconic Soplica bottles. And, after the final quality assessment, it is ready!

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