Discover our Traditionally Fruity Soplicas

For over 130 years Soplica has been a welcome guest on Polish tables, providing top-quality gustatory delights. Soplica tinctures offer unique flavours based on ripe fruit and created with the use of traditional formulas.

The secret of Soplica’s quality

  • Noble formulas inspired by old Polish tradition

  • Carefully selected fruit

  • Highest quality spirit

  • Experience nurtured over generations


    The flavour of Lemon Soplica comes from the combination of alcohol and freshly squeezed lemon juice.

    Our formula is inspired by the top methods of preparing lemon vodka.

    That’s why Lemon Soplica comprises both sweetness and sourness, and the liquid boasts a traditional colour as well as the natural sediment from lemon fragments.



    A noble, matured tincture with a traditional ripe quince flavour. The unique formula, based on fruit ripening in autumn, gives it a characteristically sweet, delicately sour taste.


    The only such tincture, created from fully ripened sour cherries. The long maturation and unique formula based on sun-ripened fruit give it an exceptional flavour with a discernible cherry-stone note.


    An exceptionally aromatic tincture with a sweet, delicately creamy hazelnut flavour. The secret of its unique taste lies in carefully selected ingredients and long maturation.


    A tincture which tastes of juicy raspberries straight from a sunny orchard. Its unique flavour comes from ripe, carefully selected fruit and an exceptional formula. The subtle aroma is the result of excellent proportions and the natural origin of the ingredients.

  • PLUM

    The formula for this exceptional tincture is based on plums. Nothing but natural ingredients and inspiration from old Polish recipes made it possible to create this noble drink, turning tart sloes into a sweet bouquet of unique taste and aroma accents. The richness of the flavour is brought about by long maturation.


    A tincture inspired by Polish summer flavours and the old Polish alcohol production tradition. The secret of its unique taste is the combination of ripe, exceptionally aromatic Mirabelle plums and high-quality spirit.


    This tincture is inspired by the old Polish alcohol production tradition. The secret of its unique and pleasantly intense taste and aroma is the combination of sun-ripened, velvety apricots and top-quality spirit.


    Strawberry Soplica constitutes an exceptional combination of tradition and the best fruit of the Polish summer. This tincture owes its sweet flavour to juicy strawberries ripening in the summer sun as well as to long maturation.


    A unique tincture made from ripe, refreshing lemons delicately juxtaposed with the sweet note of mixed-flower Polish honey. Whole lemons are steeped in alcohol to capture the fruit aroma in its entirety. The delicate note of Polish honey complements the tincture, softening its slight tartness and giving it its individual character. The unusual depth of flavour comes from a combination of natural ingredients, maturation and formulas inspired by old Polish traditions.


    Top-quality aromatic blackcurrant tincture, made exclusively from natural ingredients. It owes its exceptional, slightly dry flavour, softened with a note of sweetness, to a unique formula and fruit straight from the orchard. Perfect proportions and long maturation not only make it a noble drink, but also give it an unparallel bouquet.

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